Magic Mushroom: What You Need To Know

Magic Mushrooms Canada
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If you are always looking for ways to get high, then you must learn about magic mushroom more closely. These wildly grown or cultivated breeds of mushrooms contain psilocybin, which is a naturally-occurring hallucinogenic and psychoactive compound. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations, psilocybin is regarded as one of the most reputed psychedelics.

Grouped under the Schedule I drug, the Psilocybin is known to have a pretty high potential for misuse. There are also no recorded medical uses of this compound in the treatment of any kind in the US. Even though the hallucinogenic properties of some mushrooms are known in certain cultures for centuries, the psilocybin was first isolated by Dr. Albert Hofmann in 1958.

The magic mushrooms are often dried before they are made ready for consumption. They may also be mixed to drinks or food, while there are some people who prefer to consume the freshly picked mushrooms as they are. In different parts of the world, the magic shrooms are also known as blue meanies, mushies, liberty caps, golden tops, agaric, amani, philosopher’s stones, and liberties.

Physical Traits Of The Shrooms

Some people often wonder how to tell the difference between ordinary mushrooms and the magic shrooms. Well, if you know the physical traits, then you can easily identify it. They usually look like any other type of dried mushrooms with whitish-gray slender stems and dark brown caps with a white or light brown center. The dried mushrooms are rusty brown in color.

People prefer consuming these golden tops in various ways. While some eat them fresh or mixed with food, others use them to brew tea-like beverage. They may be mixed with cannabis or tobacco to be smoked. Liquid psilocybin is a naturally-occurring psychedelic drug that comes in a vial derived from the shrooms.

Magic Shrooms Online
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Effect Of The Mushroom

These are the hallucinogenic drugs, which means you can see, hear and feel unrealistic things when under the impact of the drug. The effects of these golden tops are quite variable and they are usually influenced by a wide range of environmental factors. Studies have shown that they have a long history with self-discovery and spiritual experiences.

In many countries, people believe that these naturally occurring mushroom-like drug substance is a sacred herb that helps people remember or attain their altered state. There are many people around the world who prefer taking this naturally occurring drug along with cannabis to experience a sense of connection and euphoria.

These mushrooms contain psilocybin that is converted into psilocin inside the body, and it is known to impact the levels of serotonin in the brain.  After 20 to 40 minutes of consumption, you can start feeling the altered and unusual perceptions that can last up to six hours. It’s the same amount of time needed to metabolize and excrete psilocin.

There are numerous factors that influence the impact of magic mushrooms after consumption in the raw state or mixed with other food. The factors include age, weight, dosage, environment, personality, emotional state, and history of mental illness.

What People Say About Magic Shrooms

These shrooms are usually known to produce a peaceful high in the users. However, in some cases, they are also known to induce frightening hallucinations, anxiety, confusion, and paranoia. For thousands of years, people in America and Europe have used the golden tops for spiritual and medicinal. Following the feedback from people, experts from John Hopkins University recommended the reclassification of psilocybin from Schedule I to Schedule IV to allow its medical use.

Studies show that psilocybin helps in treating a variety of health issues including cancer-related psychiatric distress, nicotine addiction, anxiety, depression, and the substance that induce disorders. In 2019, the mushroom was decriminalized in Denver and it became the first city to do so. Although this still does not make the shrooms legal, those who possess it cannot be prosecuted.

The Common Side Effects

Any kind of hallucinogens such as the Magic Shrooms carries the risk of triggering emotional and mental problems under the influence of drugs. The exact amount of psilocybin and psilocin content in any mushroom is not known and they vary widely. The side effects induced due to consuming the golden tops are often known as a ‘bad trip’.

The intensity, length and type of bad trip that a consumer will face cannot be specified. In some people, it may cause a mild trip making the user feel drowsy or relaxed, while in others this may lead to a frightening experience with delusions, hallucinations, and panics.

How Long Will I Be High After Smoking Weed

Smoking Weed Vs Consuming Edibles Canada
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People in Canada saw a new freedom and the beginning of a new age for weed once it became legalized. Besides being a boon to thousands of people around the country who were waiting for the law to pass, it also opened doors for new business opportunities. It has led to the makeover of a massive industry that would now be designed to cater to the needs of recreational users with a variety of products that are specially created to meet their needs and demands.

The legalisation of edibles in Canada has also allowed those who have never used marijuana before to give it a try to feel high or get relief from pain and other conditions. As there is no fear of punishment or prosecution lurking with its use, more people can come forward to give it a try. As a new user or a seasoned customer, there are a few things that you need to consider before trying out a new product.

Two of the biggest questions you need to answer is how long does a consumer have to wait before the high kicks in, and how long does the high caused from consuming cannabis edibles last before it subsides.

Weed Canada
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Obviously different people react differently to marijuana. There are a few ways in which you can gauge how long your high may last after the consumption, and that’s to test it. You can’t judge it based on how long it takes your friend to feel the effects, you must discover what works for you. Once you know, you will always be fully prepared for future experiences. So, here are a few important things that you need to consider.

What Is The Average Time For The High From Edibles To Last?

Studies have shown that the average time for the high to last depends upon the type of product that you are using and your method of consuming it. On average, there are three different ways in which you can consume weed and each has its own set of expected effects. So, let’s take them one by one:

Vaping or Smoking

The kind of high that you get from smoking cannabis strains usually goes at a peak ten minutes after the consumption. You may stay at a state of high for 1 to 3 hours, and at a maximum it may last for 8 hours. The effect usually takes places instantly. You can get vapes from online weed dispensary in Canada.


This is another popular method of administering cannabis and it involves a special pipe which is used to delivers a much-concentrated dose of THC. This is most commonly used with weed shatter. Very similar to smoking, the dabbing effects lasts from one to three hours. However, it may also last throughout the day depending on the percentage of THC concentrate.

Dabbing and Smoking Canada
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Cannabis Edibles

When you consume the edibles such as chocolates or cookies (available on all online Canada dispensaries), it takes longer for the results to take place. This is because the edibles must first go through the digestive system and then you can feel the effect on your system. It may take two hours from the moment you eat them to start showing the results and the effects usually last much longer, sometimes up to 24 hours.

Tips For The Beginners In Canada

If you are a beginner in Canada and taking marijuana for the first time in your life, then we would recommend that you complete clear the schedule of that day. It’s hard to tell how long the high may last the first time, but once you get used to it, you will be able to tell the average time more appropriately. Even then, weed can be unpredictable at times so freeing up your schedule for the day will ensure that you don’t have to keep worrying.

When you know that you can relax at home and there’s no hurry, you can enjoy the dose and understand which type of delivery system works best for you. Also, when you are a beginner, we suggest that you try it with a regular user who has experience of the edible effects and knows how to handle a bad high. You must be really comfortable with that person.

Although edibles are legal in Canada, we suggest that you order them in small quantities ad start with a very low dose. Edginess and paranoia are the two main side effects of consuming weed and the after effects and highs can sometimes be exaggerated depending on your environment. If you are already feeling worried and nervous, then consuming edibles can make the situation more uncomfortable for you.

Guide to Marijuana Canada
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Factors That Determine How Long High Will Last

If you really wish you had a map or guideline that helped you get an idea of how long a high will last after consuming weed or edibles, then here are some key factors to consider. Consider these points before you consume weed next time and you’ll see the difference.

Percentage Of THC Your Consume

Take a note of the percentage of THC in the weed that you consume. Needless to say, the more marijuana you consume, the longer your high will last so you may want to look at the dosages closely and start with a low or small dose. When you are a beginner, you do not know how your body is going to react to it, hence you need to take it slow. You must wait for a good amount of time to let the effects kick in and determine how your body will actually react.

Percentage Of THC Your Consume In The Edibles

When you order a product from any online dispensary in Canada, you will find this information motioned in the product info. In case you do not find those details, you can always inquire from the authorized Canada vendor. Most of the products available in the online or traditional dispensaries in Canada will have this information printed on the packaging.

THC Edibles Canada
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Body Metabolism

The metabolism rate of your body also has an important role in determining how long the high is going to last. Similar to alcohol, people from different health backgrounds have a different way to metabolize weed. People with lighter and smaller body build will have a different reaction to the weed compared to those who have a higher fat percentage. Furthermore, how hydrated your body is when you consume, the weight and height will also impact how long the high lasts.

How to find a Good Agency and an Amazing London Escort

London is a beautiful city with beautiful people. Whether you come here for a business trip, vacation, or solo trip, it’s hard not to fall in love with its grandeur. If you are here alone, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities to see the city upclose. We strongly suggest that you look for a London escort agency that has amazing women from the city. These women may come from different countries and cultural backgrounds but they are now based in London. Many of them study at colleges and universities; hence they know the city like the back of their hand.

If you haven’t booked a London escort before, this may be an intimidating first-time experience for you. Not knowing where to start often prevents a lot of people from enjoying a good time. In this article, we will share some advice on how to find a good agency that can you smart and intelligent women for a date.

  1. Ask Your Best Buddy In London

We all have those special friends in life who know our secrets and we can ask them anything we like without the fear of being judged. If you have one such friend in London then you are certainly lucky. A Londoner will know what’s good and authentic and what to stay away from. He can be your best guide about where to find the best escort agencies in the city. If he is a regular customer, he may as well suggest an escort whom he knows has the ability to make his friend feel at ease.

  1. Google Search for London Escorts Agency

No best buddy in the city? No worries! You can use Google to search terms like ‘London escort agency’ and you will see a lot of results. Visit those websites and spend a few minutes getting a feel of their services. If they have their contact information displayed, a good gallery with a nice portfolio of girls and their details, customer feedback and a blog, you know this an authentic agency.

The shabby and unauthentic agencies will not have a website in the first place and even if they do, the information will appear vague. If you don’t find any customer feedback or the agent asks you to send money to their bank account before the date, take this as a red flag and reject them. A reputed agency will be concerned about your needs and help you find the right woman. They will also not ask you for an upfront payment and you can pay to the woman after she arrives at your place or you visit her.

  1. Pay a Direct Visit to the Agency

The real London escort agencies will have their own office in the city. If you have time, visit the agency directly and talk to the representative. By visiting in person, you will get a better idea of their business and get to see the complete profile of women who are available for a date. If you are confused about whom to hire, the agent may help you talk to a few escorts and then decide.

Hiring London escorts is much easier than you think but you need to choose the right agency and make sure you deal only with a legal company.

CBD Concentrates Guide

The world of CBD Concentrates may appear to be wide and overwhelming but that should not intimidate you. There are numerous products ideal for beginners looking to get relief from symptoms without getting the buzz. Once you know about which concentrates are the simplest to use and dose, you will definitely want to keep one of them handy because nobody dislikes a smoke-free cannabis alternative.

The Right Dose, Effects and Potency

A cannabis concentrate can provide a gentle relaxation, non-intoxicating relief or a euphoric high – it depends on the ingredients. THC-rich cannabis oil can deliver a potent high while an extract containing a mix of CBD and THC can give a balanced, gentle high. To achieve therapeutic relief without the high, you will want to try a high-CBD, low-THC product.

Remember to select modest doses until you have found the right dose for you. Even microdoses can deliver the desired effect like focus or anxiety relief. Getting too high is generally not the issue with CBD products but the dosage is quite important. While some consumers may require higher doses of cannabis depending on the medical condition, others may find lower doses beneficial.

CBD and Hemp Oil

A cannabis concentrate high in non-intoxicating compound called cannabidiol, CBD Oil is sought-after for relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation, stress and other conditions without dealing with high and smoke. Hemp Oil is not always the same as CBD Oil. Hemp produces CBD and you get CBD Oil from hemp oil. Though hemp oil is marketed heavily online, cannabis-extracted CBD Oil is found at selected stores as these products are quite effective and regulated.

CBD Oil is an extensive term that covers a variety of products. You can find it in the form of capsules, topicals, tinctures, RSO liquid and more.

Vape Oil

One of the best CBD Concentrates for beginners is a portable pre-filled vape pen which needs only two things to work – Oil cartridge and battery. Simple to use and dose, vape pens allow getting an adjustable dose of cannabis vapor with a simple button click. Pre-filled oil cartridges are available in a variety of flavors, potencies and strains so that you can choose the experience you desire. CO2 Oil is mostly the concentrate used in these cartridges.


The most common forms of cannabis in the United States until their prohibition, tinctures are liquid CBD concentrates obtained using alcohol extraction, pulling out the plant’s beneficial compounds. Tincture is applied directly under the tongue to be absorbed instantly. Effects start in 20-30 minutes and it is important to wait for some time before dosing again if you are using a THC-high tincture. Tinctures come in a variety of potencies and flavors and suit everybody, whether seeking a quick relief or fast-acting THC-high.

Cannabis Capsules

With precisely measured doses, ingestible capsules or pills enable consuming cannabis just like any other health supplement. These capsules contain CBD, THC and other cannabinoids and offer predictable effects with specific doses of compounds just like CBD Pre Rolls. One should go for a low-dose CBD capsule at first and increase slowly until the right dose is identified. It takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to feel the effect of a cannabis capsule and hence patience is required when increasing the dose.

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